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Monday, February 09, 2009


The people at "Moody Monday" are in a mood to travel, but I'm in the mood to stay home. I was in DC on Inauguration Day. I'm happy I went to feel like I was a tiny part of such a happy and historic day, but I'm content here for a while after dealing with the crowds and confusion on the streets afterward. I hope the people riding home on these buses had a comfortable and warm trip home!


  1. How cool to be a part of such an historic event. Doing some blog walking this am, I see we have lots in common. History, Gravin, Genelaogy, and fag.

    Pop in for a visit. Check out the new travel blog.


  2. Hi Sandy! I know you from the FaG forums! I'm "Cherie" there, too, although I haven't been too active there lately.

    I'm following your travel blog now! Thanks for checking me out!


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