You are a pest by the very nature of that camera in your hand.
~~~ Princess Anne ~~~

Saturday, March 07, 2009


A wave hits the rock barrier at Fort Fisher State Historical Site.


  1. Yes..nice job- love the pounding waves on those giant rocks!
    I like your spunk and remark about your new camera! Oh, I'm doing nearly the same, I feel your shame! Ha-!!

  2. Thanks Regina Marie! I'd just hate for anyone to think I consider myself an artist or something. I just like taking photos, and submitting them to meme sites gives me a chance to see some really good photographs!

  3. Nice great splash! I can hear the wash crashing to the rock. Best wishes :)

  4. Sorry that was a typo, I got distracted by my son. I meant waves ;p

  5. I knew what you meant...I hate that there's no way to edit a comment after I make a typo, something that happens way too often ☻


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