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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Music, Music, Music

A marching band lining up to participate in the Inaugural Parade last January.


  1. How cool it would have been to be there for such an historic moment.

    I've not been on FAG in forever, just needed to take a break from it, though I have tons of pics to post. Latest trend there seems to be lots of newbies wanting everything transferred to them. I'm sorta at the point I think anyone can say this is my 3rd gr Uncle Joe...I think too many people are wanting ownership of the work others have done.

    Any way, lots going on in my life and doing other things helps to clear my mind.

    Swing by for a visit

  2. It was cool being there, and COLD, too! We felt like we wanted to be there, though, mainly because we had gone to DC in Jan 2001 with a group of people who were very unhappy with the way the 'election" turned out, so we decided that it would be a good thing to go when we WERE happy!

    I haven't been on FAG much either, although I do try to check out the requests a few times a week to see if there's something I want to fulfill. There's not usually much around here, and I never get the emails unless someone requests something within a couple miles :(


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