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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Theme

I was contacted yesterday by the creator of a new photo meme that's called Two 4 Tuesday. Chad has come up with what seems like will be a fun and challenging concept.

Each week on Tuesday we will post a double theme. The themes will be opposites or antonyms. You have a couple options when it comes to posting your photo:

  • The Real Challenge: Post a single photo that captures both themes.
  • OR: Post a single photo that captures one of the themes.
  • OR: Post two photos capturing one theme in each photo
See what I mean? But for this week, he's being easy on us and there is no theme.

What you're seeing is a macro shot of a nearly used-up votive candle taken thru it's glass holder. I was pretty happy with how this came out, hope you like it!


  1. Actually, yeah... I like it a lot. Kind of a peek-into-the-netherworld vibe or something. And hey, I'm fond of candle shots anyway.

    Was I the only one who tried to follow the "double theme" prompt this week? I was beginning to think I missed a memo when the first four shots were all buildings.

    One more reason I like yours!

  2. Thanks, Mojo! Personally, I was just amazed at how clear the wick came out :)


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